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The Russian Corpse 16

The Russian Corpse 16 published on No Comments on The Russian Corpse 16

Guess: What do you mean, we’re going hunting tomorrow. Aren’t you excited? No more of
this undesirable dullness and misfortune.
Squeezer: Oh, you silly beat. Have you not gotten it through your gnarly muzzle yet? All
those kids care about it competing with one another. You and I are only props in their
competitive game for respect and their father’s attention. It has created quite a sibling
Guess: That’s not true! Lomov adores me!
Squeezer: Lomov adores you when you’re in his line of sight. Afterwards you are
completely forgotten. A figment of your past, of your glory. He remembers you as the
glorious dog you were. Not as you now are.
Guess: I’ll show you. Those kids will take us hunting and I will win both of their hearts. I will
bring back the juiciest fowl this side of the Ural Mountains.
Squeezer: Sigh, I will allow you to bathe in disappointment my dear old friend. I hope your
heart can take it. It would be very lonely out here without you.

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