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The Russian Corpse 22

The Russian Corpse 22 published on No Comments on The Russian Corpse 22

LOMOV. And are you a hunter? You only go hunting to get in with the Count and to intrigue. . . .
Oh, my heart! . . . You’re an intriguer!
CHUBUKOV. What? I an intriguer? [Shouts] Shut up!
LOMOV. Intriguer!
LOMOV. Old rat! Jesuit!
CHUBUKOV. Shut up or I’ll shoot you like a partridge! You fool!
LOMOV. Everybody knows thatoh
my heart!your
late wife used to beat you. . . . My feet . . .
temples . . . sparks. . . . I fall, I fall!
CHUBUKOV. And you’re under the slipper of your housekeeper!