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The Russian Corpse 3

The Russian Corpse 3 published on 2 Comments on The Russian Corpse 3

New panel: Scruffum’s and Squeezer have scraps nearby that they have been eating.
Squeezer: I am telling you, Scruff, one day, I am going to race. And when I do, even the alphas will
bow at my feet. Here, in Society Russia, the humans will beg me for food. In short, I will be a god
among dogs, and a dog among men!
Scruffums: Squeezer, we have both known many dogs who raced. And when they win, they are
celebrated, treated like royalty. But as soon as another dog begins nipping at their heels, they join
are thrown out as yesterday’s keşkek.
Squeezer: Surely you meant to say okroshka, being, as we are, Russian hounds.
Scruffums: Yes, we are Russian hounds, as you say, and so you might have expected me to use a
colloquialism involving that traditional Russian vegetable soup—
Squeezer: —not just any vegetable soup. It traditionally consists of two vegetables, one neutral, the
other spicy. Sometimes it is made with sour milk—

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