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The Russian Corpse 2

The Russian Corpse 2 published on No Comments on The Russian Corpse 2

Smash cut to: Russian countryside, Scruffums is playing in a field, with some other nondescript
My youth was filled with hours of play. Every where I turned, my fellow dogs were bounding and
leaping, tugging of war, and so on.
Montage of scenes where Scruffums plays with other dogs, looking positively delighted. Tail
wagging, and so forth.
Then, continuing the montage, but now with additional narration boxes:
It was torture and despair.
It was hell.
It was a saccharine, candycoated,
Cut to: Scruffums and another dog, Squeezer, who is very young.
It was then that I met Squeezer. The beast with the fire in his eyes.
Montage of Scruffums and Squeezer playing. Chasing butterflys, etc.
In the last panel of the montage, narration: From the first minute I met him, I knew that Squeezer
would be the one to kill me.

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