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The Russian Corpse 24

The Russian Corpse 24 published on No Comments on The Russian Corpse 24

But what of the passersby? Perhaps one of them heard our
discourse as it’s passions grew. Will they not report this once
news of his passing has spread? How might our intentions appear
then? Everyone knows of his fragile heart for he spoke of it at
every opportunity. Will we then not be blamed for taunting him at
such length?
CHUBUKOV quietly thinks this over while running his fingers through his beard.
You may be correct in your thinking my dear. Even if the rest of
the town were to recognize our innocence in the matter, Lomov’s
damnable sister, Lidiya will surely make claim otherwise.
NATALYA drops LOMOV’s legs where she stands.
Then surely there must be some alternative. Perhaps we can
simply walk away and allow someone else to stumble upon
his corpse?
No, no that carries too much risk. Remember, it may already
be known that we were meeting with this poor creature at this
Both are silent for a beat as they mull over their remaining options.
I can think of only one suitable plan. We must bury him here
and now. Any other option carries with it too much risk.
But how are we to bury him here? Will we not be spied? And
we have no tools for digging? While my hands are sturdy and
thick with callouses like any good Russian woman’s, even
they can not burrow through that much of this earth quickly
enough for our purposes.

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