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The Russian Corpse 25

The Russian Corpse 25 published on No Comments on The Russian Corpse 25

CHUBUKOV gives a hearty laugh and gestures behind him.
But you forget, I arrived by horse and cart. I still have my
picks and shovels loaded and available. We need but merely
to fetch them.
And what of passersby? Will they not hear our efforts?
Perhaps from a distance but at this late hour I expect few will
wander close enough to spy us. We should have the whole of
the area to ourselves until dawn.
Oh, Chubukov, you truly are the wisest of men! Let us begin
right away so that we may be done with this grisly business
before the cock stirs.
A most excellent idea. You should move poor Lomov over there,
to a less visible area and drape your cloak upon him. We should
be cautious even if we expect to be undisturbed. I shall tend to
the horse for a moment and fetch our tools.
CHUBUKOV exits while NATALYA drags LOMOV aside. She then places her cloak over his
body. She turns momentarily but then turns back to LOMOV. She bends down and moves the
cloak aside from his face and chest.
I’m sorry poor Lomov. We never meant to put you in such a
state. You must realize how difficult it was to see any truth in
your claims about your heart. You made them so often and
about such trivial matters we could only infer that you spoke
in jest. After all, who ever heard of a Russian man with a weak

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