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The Russian Corpse 26

The Russian Corpse 26 published on No Comments on The Russian Corpse 26

You should be grateful it was Chubukov and I who were
here and not some other persons. Chubukov’s wise decision will
keep your shame hidden. And worry not about poor Guess. We
will hide his shame as well.
NATALYA then reaches into her dress and removes a small piece of dried meat. She places it
into LOMOV’s hand and closes it.
Guess is a good dog. Not the best as you so often claimed but
a good dog. I realize that the Reaper has now taken you but
I wish to bury you with this little bit of meat. I know that it is a
favorite treat of Guess and so by burying you with it, you may
have a little connection to him in the land beyond.